Destination: London


This weekend, the Duckies took a trip to the city of River Thames- London! They enjoyed the beautiful weather as they waddled through the capitol of the United Kingdom.



Yellow Ducky’s favorite attraction of the whole trip was the Tate Modern Art Museum. This brand new, 14 year old museum has been the home to works of art from famous artists such as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso!


Pink Ducky loved visiting the large buildings and palaces and around London! She particularly enjoyed Buckingham Palace. “This is HUGE,” she thought as she quacked around the royal grounds. This 309 year old palace has 775 rooms, imagine that!



Blue Ducky savored the sight of Big Ben, the 316 foot tall clock tower in the middle of the city! It stands at the end of the Palace of Westminster, which is where the House of Commons and the House of Lords- the two houses of Parliament- meet!

Big-BenGreen Ducky loved riding on the London Eye, the 443 foot tall Ferris Wheel on the river’s edge. This Ferris Wheel is still brand new to the city, only having opened at the beginning of the millennium in 2000. It can hold 200 people at a time!

London_Eye_Jan_2006The Duckies have been adoring their summer travels, both nationally and internationally. Check out if they’ll need their passports to fly to next week’s adventure destination!



Destination: Boston


This 4th of July Weekend, the Waddles crew took a trip to the Bean Town: Boston! They enjoyed the beautiful sights along the harbor and the incredible fireworks spectacle.


Pink Ducky absolutely adored the small shops along Newbury Street. She could spend all weekend waddling up and down the strip! Her favorite part was eating a soft serve ice cream while window shopping.


Blue Ducky’s most enjoyable part of the weekend was visiting the impressive New England Aquarium. He loved strolling through the penguin exhibit!


Yellow Ducky was particularly interested in the Paul Revere House, where Paul Revere lived and set off for his midnight ride that night in 1776, letting the American soldiers know that the British were coming.


Green Ducky’s favorite park was kicking back and floating around the Boston Harbor. He couldn’t believe how big it was! There had to have been hundreds of boats in the port!


The Duckies most memorable moment was all gathering together on Friday night to watch the fireworks show. The grand finale was a striking eggstravaganza!


Destination: Paris


The Ducky Gang had a spec-quack-ular experience in one of their favorite cities, Paris! They kept very busy on their egg-spedition, with so much to see and do in the City of Light, they hardly had time for it all!


Their first stop was the Louvre. This was Blue Ducky’s choice- he appreciates every kind of art, and he’s been reading up on the magnificent museum. Did you know that the Louvre showcases about 35,000 pieces of art at one time? It’s the second largest museum in the world! Blue Ducky learned on the trip that the museum used to be a fortress to the Kings of France in the 12th century, which egg-splains its size!


Next, the Duckies explored the Jardin des Tuileries. Green Ducky chose this stop, because he wanted a place to splash around and relax. The Duckies loved all the open space and the tremendous fountains in the park. They played with the horses in the park, and enjoyed the antique sculptures that date as far back as the 18th century!


Pink Ducky made sure to take the group shopping on the Champs-Élysées- it’s always been a dream of hers! This famous Parisian road hosts over 100 shops and restaurants that lead up to the Arc de Triomphe at the end of the road. The wide sidewalks made it easy for the Duckies to waddle their way down the mile-long avenue!


The Duckies’ last stop was Yellow Ducky’s choice- the Eiffel Tour. Yellow Ducky has always wanted to climb all the way to the highest point, so they patiently waited their turn for the worthwhile views at the very top. Once they got 1,000 feet up to the highest deck, they could practically see all of France!


Paris was one of their favorite adventures yet- it far egg-ceded their egg-spectations! Stay tuned to hear about where they go next!

Destination: Orlando


This weekend, the Waddles Duckies ventured down to Orlando to see some of their favorite friends! They waddled their way from park to park, visiting Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. Each Ducky found something they particularly treasured doing while on their Orlando adventure!


Their first stop was at Disney World, where Yellow Ducky got to see his favorite mouse, Mickey! He was especially fascinated by the Epcot Park, where he got to experience other countries’ cultures and taste all kinds of delicious foods from around the world. Spaceship Earth, the 180 foot tall centerpiece ride of Epcot, was Yellow Ducky’s favorite ride of the whole trip- he was enchanted by all the constellations he saw! He even spotted the secret Mickey Mouse constellation! Have you seen it?


Pink Ducky thoroughly enjoyed Disney World as well, as she absolutely adores the Disney Princesses she saw at the Magic Kingdom! She was thrilled when Cinderella offered her a tour of her enormous castle. It is the tallest structure in the Magic Kingdom, standing at 189 feet tall! At the end of the day, the Duckies were delighted to see the incredible fireworks spectacle over the castle!


The Ducky Crew next visited Universal Studios, where Blue Ducky was captivated by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Blue Ducky has read all the Harry Potter books, and he couldn’t wait to go on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the ride where he actually got to fly on broomsticks to a quacking match of Quidditch! All the Duckies enjoyed the Twister ride, even though the tornado felt so real!


Green Ducky’s favorite stop of the whole trip was SeaWorld. Green Ducky’s favorite animals are water animals, like Shamu the Killer Whale! Did you know that Killer Whales aren’t whales at all? They’re actually in the dolphin family! When in the wild, Killer Whales tend to stick with their families. The Duckies loved splashing around with their animal friends at SeaWorld, they can see why over 50 million people visit the park every year!


The Duckies can’t wait for their next adventure- stay tuned to see what egg-sotic destination they fly to next!

Destination: Chicago


The Waddles Ducky Crew have a big summer planned, filled with wild adventures and exciting travels near and far! This Memorial Day Weekend, the little duckies flew their way to Chicago for a big excursion of playing in parks, swimming in Lake Michigan, and sightseeing in the beautiful Windy City!

Green Ducky’s favorite activity of the weekend was splashing around in the lake. He loves to swim, and has always dreamed of swimming in one of the Great Lakes! He raced next to the boats, shouting “catch me if you can!” as he whizzed past.


Pink Ducky enjoyed waddling down Michigan Avenue, window shopping and looking up at all the gigantic buildings! Her favorite things to shop for are summer sundresses and shoes. One of her favorite accessories to wear is her beautiful pearl necklace.


Blue Ducky especially appreciated sitting in Millennium Park and watching as all the other duckies passed by. He treasured his time relaxing and watching everyone’s reflection in The Bean! He enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and splendid weather as he passed time sitting in the grass.


Yellow Ducky had the most fun playing at Navy Pier. He adored riding on the 150 foot high Ferris Wheel, looking out over the entire city as he reached the top. He loved waddling along the harbor’s edge, enjoying the smells of the Chicago style hot dogs and the sounds of the live musicians.


At the end of the weekend, all of the duckies gathered to watch the big firework show, honoring the soldiers that have fought for the United States of America. They admired the big spectacle, and are so thankful for America’s heroes!


The Waddles Duckies had a wonderful weekend making a big splash in the Windy City! Stay tuned to see what wild adventure they’ll go on next!

Introducing Your 2014 Waddles Duckies!


Get to know each Waddles Ducky as they start to hatch at a store near you!

Pink Ducky

Pink Ducky is sweet and sassy and very fashionable! She also enjoys ice-skating, ballet and singing!

Green Ducky

Green Ducky is athletic and always on the go, enjoys swimming, flying really fast, playing games like Freeze Tag, Red Rover and Kickball. Green Ducky’s favorite food is chocolate.

Blue Ducky

Blue Ducky is a vegetarian and an avid reader. When not reading, Blue Ducky enjoys traveling, drawing and just floating peacefully on the water!

Yellow Ducky

Yellow Ducky is a happy-go-lucky and funny ducky who can either be found frolicking on the water, sunbathing or out playing practical jokes on other ducks. Watch out!

Check our Facebook page for daily posts from each duck as they share their favorite Easter books.


Happy 2014!


Happy 2014 from Waddles!  It is time to quack in the New Year!Waddles Duck Trivia

Many new and exciting things will be hatching from the world of Waddles:  like Quacky Thursdays:  Things That Make You Go Quack.

Be on the look out for this year’s Waddles 12 count display; it features a punch-out ducky or better referred to as a “Flat Waddle”.  See if you can find one and then have fun taking him around to different places.  You can even submit your photos to the Waddles Facebook page and follow the whereabouts of each Flat Waddle in the “Where’s Waddles” section on Facebook.Waddles - Flat Duckie on a Popsicle Stick

In mid-March there will be a drawing for a chance to win a Waddles Easter Basket filled with fun decorating kits, Easter books and of courseeaster_basket_filled_with_eggs_0515-1003-2004-3236_SMU Waddles Milk Chocolate Eggs and Marshmallow Duckies!

2014 will be filled with more fun and games, interactive events and even an exclusive interview with each Waddles Ducky.  Stay tuned for more from the Waddles Blog, Waddles Facebook and Pinterest Pages.

Waddles wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year!

See you in stores soon!

Waddles’ First Day of School


Pink Waddles could hardly sleep on Sunday night, because Monday was the first day of school! Pink Waddles had been preparing for this day for a long time, and she knew she was only a good night’s sleep away. When morning came, Pink Waddles woke up bright and early, brushed her teeth and gathered her schoolbooks, calculator, and pencils (both regular and colored, of course!) and she thought about how this was going to be the best school year yet! She was so excited to learn about geography and art and science! Pink Waddles rushed out of the door and into the school bus, waving hello to the school bus driver. She was nervous, but more than that she was thrilled to be going back to school. She started to walk down the isle of the bus when she spotted her friends, Blue Waddles, Yellow Waddles, and Green Waddles. The all chirped and chatted about their summer adventures, remembering summer camp, sailing, and slumber parties. All of the Waddles continued to have a great first day of school; they studied the states and capitals and learned to make pottery! After school was over, Pink Waddles walked home, yawning because the day wore her out. As she walked she played a game, quizzing herself on her knew knowledge of states and capitols, and thought about how excited she was for this upcoming school year! She couldn’t wait to go home and tell her parents all about her exciting day!

The Ugly Waddle


Once upon a time there was a Waddle who didn’t look like all of the other Waddles.  You see, when Wally the Waddle hatched from his chocolate egg, his little duck bill was as crooked as it could be.  That didn’t bother Wally; he was a very special Waddle and his Mother Waddle always made sure to tell him so.  Sometimes the other Waddles would tease Wally because he didn’t look like them, but Wally just smiled his crooked grin and told them, “I’m not like you, I am special.”

It was just a few weeks before Easter and all of the Waddles were anxious with anticipation.  Every Waddle had been preparing all year to look his very best in hopes of landing in a beautiful Easter Basket.  For the first time in his little Waddle life, Wally frowned.  When his Mother Waddle asked Wally what was wrong he said, “I don’t look like all of the other Waddles.  What if no one wants me in their Easter Basket?”

“Oh, Wally, don’t be silly!  You are special and there is an extra-special Easter Basket out there just waiting for you,” responded Mother Waddle.  This made Wally’s little crooked grin return once again, but he couldn’t help but wonder if Mother Waddle was right.

On Easter Eve all of the Waddles were quacking about in nervous excitement as they awaited the arrival of the Easter Bunny.  Every Waddle had polished his bill, fluffed his marshmallow feathers, and rolled in extra sparkly sugar to prepare.  There wasn’t a bad egg in the whole group.  When the Easter Bunny arrived, he looked at the Waddles and proudly proclaimed, “These Waddles are the perfect Easter treat!”  The Easter Bunny began gathering up the Waddles, but when he got to Wally he stopped.  He held Wally up in his fuzzy bunny paw and stared at him.  With big Waddle tears in his eyes, Wally asked the Easter Bunny, “I’m not good enough, am I?”  The Easter Bunny smiled his big bunny grin and whispered to Wally, “I have the perfect Easter Basket for you.”

The Easter Bunny made his way from house to house, delivering Waddles to each and every Easter Basket.  All of Wally’s friends were now tucked away in Easter Baskets all over the world.  Wally looked up at the Easter Bunny and asked, “What about me?”  The Easter Bunny just smiled as he hopped to the last house on his route.  A bright flickering light illuminated the little path to the front door.  Wally peeked out nervously, wondering if this is where the perfect Easter Basket was.  The Easter Bunny gently placed Wally into a bright pink basket with pretty yellow bows and fluffy green grass.  The grass tickled Wally’s bill, but he barely noticed because he was so very nervous.  The Easter Bunny kissed Wally on the top of his head and told him not to be afraid.  “Close your eyes and get some rest because tomorrow is Easter!”  Then the Easter Bunny hopped off into the dark.

Wally was alone.  He was scared and very nervous.  Wally wondered if all of his Waddle friends felt the same way.  He thought to himself, “What do they have to be nervous about?  Everyone loves a perfect Waddle!”  Wally had never minded having a crooked bill, but now he was afraid that it would ruin his chances for a Happy Easter.  Wally closed his eyes and wished for sleep to come.  He began to repeat his mother’s words over and over. “You are special, you are special, you are special… You… are… special… You… are… spec…”  Wally finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Easter morning, Wally awoke with a start.  The sun shone brightly into the Easter Basket and in the distance Wally could hear the faint giggle of a small child and the pitter-patter of little feet.  A huge lump began to form in Wally’s throat.  He closed his eyes and began to repeat, “You are special, you are special, you are special…” in his head.  He could sense that someone was there.  Wally slowly opened his eyes only to meet two big blue eyes staring back at him.  A little girl with curly blonde hair and a freckled nose was staring right at him.  Wally peered into her kind eyes as she began to smile… a little crooked smile just like Wally’s!  She scooped up Wally and hugged him tightly.  She then skipped over to her parents who had been watching from a short distance.  She proudly held up Wally for them to see as she proclaimed, “He is perfect!”

IMG_0114Written by: Jessica Snyder